Who we're riding for

This year, our second year, we're riding for Autism Resource Mom (https://autismresourcemom.org/), A non-profit that turns hopelessness into hopefulness.

Their Nontraditional Strategy

Support for those on the spectrum has been traditionally provided from a medical/psychological perspective. While we value many of these “white lab coat” approaches, Autism Resource Mom hails from a different place—the trenches. Our programs and services, designed to benefit parents, caregivers and individuals on the spectrum, are built on a solid foundation of personal experience, by a staff that has raised and lived with an individual with autism.

So each of our programs, social events, workshop and outreach initiatives, developed and delivered by parents, targets specific, crucial ongoing needs—with creative, focused, knowing approaches to socialization, behaviors, independent living, health, education and finance that help families assist their kids in successfully navigating life’s challenges.


2023 Event Details

Our inaugural year was a blast and the turn out was more than expected! We easily had over 150 riders who supported us during the ride and stayed after for the lunch and raffle. in 2023 we rode Santiago Oaks Regional Park and had 4 different types of rides as well as a walk/hike through the park. 
After the ride, we came back to the Irvine Regional Park where we had lunch and talked about Autism. Deborah Smith was presented a check for over $3,000 to help A.R.M.
We concluded the day with the raffle where, thanks to the generous donors/sponsors, practically everyone in attendance walked away with something.
We can't wait to see what the 2024 year has in store. We are already receiving new sponsors and doing our best to bring back last year's sponsors/donors.
Thanks and see ya in April 2024!